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Newport and Wildman have two distinctive branches of service:



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Employee Assistance Services

Employee assistance is an employee benefit. Employees can access this service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We can provide training and education dedicated workshops on the following services.

This service includes: 

Conflict Management Services

Newport and Wildman’s Workplace Conflict Management Services provides workplace mediation, facilitation and training.

Conflict resolution requires clear and consistent strategies.

Mediation is an opportunity for two or more parties to resolve their differences with the assistance of an independent, professionally qualified and mutually acceptable third party.

Conflict Coaching is an opportunity for one on one support with a professionally trained conflict coach to develop insight into how you respond to conflict, and also how those you are interacting with may respond to conflict.  The ultimate aim is to help you achieve the goals you wish to set in becoming better at managing a particular conflict and/or conflict in general.

Our mediators are professionally trained Workplace Mediators who understand the complexities of supervisor, team and skill based relationships, duty of care, work performance and codes of conduct. They are skilled interviewers who will gather information in a low key, confidential and non-threatening manner, and compile and draft appropriate recommendations.

We have developed tools and processes that are workplace specific, and we can help you adapt these to your current policies, processes and needs. Newport and Wildman can teach supervisors and managers a supervisor-led mediation process, and facilitate workshops and meetings for teams in conflict.


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