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Learn how a conversation can change a life

Thursday, 10th September is R U OK? Day and Newport & Wildman would like to support you and your people to feel confident asking “R U OK?”. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and this year we are focusing on helping people have conversations and then knowing what to say if someone says they are not OK.

A common theme for many people this year has been isolation. It’s unfortunate that one of our best weapons against COVID-19 is something that can negatively impact on mental health and wellbeing. This year we would encourage you to consider the benefits of bringing people together for R U OK? Day. Examples could include our virtual group training session, a virtual morning tea or a lunch and learn session using our Webinar.

R U OK? Day is often the busiest day of the year for us here at Newport & Wildman! Given the challenges we are facing, we expect this year to be the same. Training sessions sell out quickly. 

 To book in any of these options or if you have any questions contact Newport & Wildman today.

 face to face

Arrange a Live R U OK? Zoom Training Session

We are excited to offer a 1 hour training session that brings together the 4 steps of an R U OK? conversation, how to approach someone if they say they are not OK, with the unique challenges of the last few months. There is no better time for us to reach out to those around us, to keep connected, strengthen community and show that we care.


    • Ask for a quote.
    • Due to high demand, make sure you book in to secure your spot.
    • Signed quotes must be received by the 24th of August, so we can coordinate resources, and allow you time to communicate and promote the training.


 recorded webinar

Why Wait? Our R U OK? Day Recorded Webinar is Available September 1st!

Asking R U OK? is important every day. With this recorded Webinar, you can share this important message throughout September and beyond. This Webinar focusing on the important steps in having the R U OK? conversation and how to approach someone if they say they are not OK. This Webinar is aimed at both employees and leaders.


  • 30 Minutes. Available from the 1st of September. Unlimited views.
  • This can be purchased for only $300 + GST or 2 hours from your pre-purchased allotment.



To book in any of these options contact Newport & Wildman today. 

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For more information on R U OK? Day, see the R U OK? Day Website.