Awareness, Belonging, Connection

1 in 5 of us experience a mental health issue every year. Mental Health Awareness across October is an opportunity for us to advocate for and raise awareness of mental health. With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting the lives of our communities, we need to continue to give mental health the focus and attention it deserves.

Organisations that create and harbour a culture of understanding, empathy and trust allow people to be open about the issues impacting their lives. And it is especially important for people with mental health conditions to feel safe and comfortable in discussing their experience and obtaining appropriate support. Please contact the Newport & Wildman Team to discuss what Mental Health Awareness options we have to support you and your people.

Tasmania's Mental Health Week is 9-16th October Awareness, Belonging, Connection, check out their website for some great resources that will help open up the conversation so it continues beyond Mental Health Week.


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