Coping with COVID-19


Our National Clinical and Organisational Development teams are creating a growing resource bank of tools for you and your people, including COVID-19 webinars.

We have released a new webinar for you on Coping with COVID-19. This webinar has been uploaded and is available for you to view right now. Click the below link and register your name and work email address to view the webinar. 

Please note that this webinar has been provided to Newport & Wildman on behalf of our parent company AccessEAP. The Coping with COVID-19 webinar does display AccessEAP contact details, so please use the Newport & Wildman phone number if you would like to contact us- 1800 650 204.

For more COVID-19 support resources, visit the Employer and Employee Login areas of our website.


Coping with COVID 19 Webinar

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