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Staff with families: managing workplace stress

Published by Facility Management

While feminism has brought women to the workforce, those who are working and have families can often still find themselves bearing a larger brunt of family responsibility than their male counterparts.


The war on stress: It's affecting you more than you think

Published by, August 2016

Tension headaches, sleepless nights, increased heart rate. The physical symptoms of stress are easy to spot, but did you know that experiencing heightened levels of anxiety for prolonged periods of time can take a serious toil on your body?


How to Create a Workplace that Helps Women Manage Stress

Published by Australian Women Online, August 2016

Increasingly, women who have families are expected to juggle a multitude of tasks, managing many and varied demands and responsibilities across their personal and work lives.


Cost of mental illness in Australia

Published by Informa Australia, August 2016

Mental health costs Australian employers approximately $10.9 billion a year and absenteeism due to mental health results in a staggering 12 million days of reduced productivity amounting to 6 million working days being lost every year.


Workplace mental and physical health under the spotlight

Published on Manufacturers’ Monthly, August 2016

It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year, comprising of $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism and $145 million in compensation claims.


How to help workers with alcohol issue

Published on OHS Alert, August 2016

Employers can encourage workers to consult assistance programs to tackle problem drinking by raising awareness and normalising the issue, according to a psychologist and program provider

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Take financial control in order to be resilient

Posted by Business Daily, July 2016

The new financial year is here and with it comes tax time. For many Australians this is a stressful time.


How employers can help their employees to reduce financial related stress

Posted by Australian Women Online, July 2016

Employers can play a role in helping their employees cope with financial related stress by recognising the impact it can have on different groups in the workplace and providing financial coaching via an employee assistance program.


Men need to speak up or lose out; bosses need to facilitate

Published by Inside OHS and Thomson Reuters, July 2016 (Pages 3-5)

AccessEAP Chief Executive Officer, Sally Kirkright shares her insights with Stephanie D'Souza.


Men, it’s time to start talking

Posted by Manspace Magazine, June 2016

Men’s Health Week (13-19 June) is about promoting men’s health and well being, yet one of the biggest challenges is the fact that Australian men are not opening up.


Men, it’s time to talk about your mental health

Posted by HRM Online, June 2016

The day-to-day stresses associated with providing for a family and holding down a job can take their toll on men both mentally and physically. This happens to women too of course, but the difference is that men tend to “bottle it” more than women.


Noise, smells, flashing screens: overload is a health threat

Published in The Australian, May 2016

Exposure to excessive noise, smells and visual stimuli is hard to avoid in today’s urban environment.


Why millennials are the anxious generation

Posted by Facility Management, May 2016

Recent Australian statistics from AccessEAP show that 40 percent of Australian millennials list anxiety as their top personal issue, versus 31 percent of Generation X and 29 percent of baby boomers.


High Suicide Risk for Construction Workers

Published in The Earthmover and Civil Contractor, April 2016

AccessEAP Clinical Services Director, Marcela Slepica shares her insights with Greg Keane.


Top tips for optimising workplace culture in your organisation

Posted by Australian Women Online, March 2016

A recent survey found that absenteeism directly costs employers in Australia approximately $578 per employee per absent day.


Ridding the Workplace of Bullies

Posted by The Daily Telegraph, March 2016

AccessEAP Clinical Services Director, Marcela Slepica shares her insights with Zoe Taylor .


Tackling Stress in the Workplace and Improving Your Mental Health

Posted by The Daily Telegraph, March 2016

AccessEAP Clinical Services Director, Marcela Slepica advocates a strategic approach to employee wellbeing.


Marcela Slepica, Campus Review

Posted by Sound Cloud, February 2016

Access EAP Clinical Services Director, Marcela Slepica speaks with Campus Review regarding the factors which cause teachers stress and anxiety and how they can overcome them.


Queensland Teachers Overworked and Stressed

Posted by The Courier Mail, February 2016

TEACHERS are considering quitting and taking more sick leave than normal as they struggle to keep up with the pressures of the job.


Can a workplace culture really keep you healthy?

Posted by Workplace OHS, February 2016

Can the right workplace culturecut healthcare costs, improve morale and engagement, and reduce absenteeism?