Mediation updated

As a manager or HR person you may be dealing with a conflict between employees that is becoming difficult to manage or resolve. The conflict may be between peers, or between an employee and their manager.

Mediation is a conflict resolution strategy to help two parties to communicate with each other in a structured process with the help of an independent third party so that they can work towards resolving their conflict. The mediator will help facilitate agreement between both parties about how they can effectively work together.

Newport & Wildman has a network of Nationally Accredited Mediators who have the highly specialised skills to facilitate a resolution in these situations.  

We also offer strategic solutions to workplace conflict through consultancy and training. We can assist you to design and implement long term solutions aimed at reducing the incidence of work place conflict including:

  • Consultancy to develop conflict and behavioural management strategies
  • Coaching to help managers develop knowledge and skills for dealing with potential conflict within their teams
  • Training in conflict resolution skills designed to enable staff to deal with conflict and maintain effective working relationships 


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