Onsite support

There are occasions when it can be helpful for a counsellor to attend the worksite to support an individual employee or a number of employees, at the request of a manager. Newport & Wildman will work with the manager to understand what’s required and provide support to those involved. The reasons that a manager may request onsite support are varied however common examples are:

    • Organisational change, e.g. a restructure or redundancy
    • Grief and loss, e.g. a colleague or client has died or is terminally ill
    • Difficult news is being delivered to an employee
    • Onsite Support is delivered as a one-off service in response to a particular workplace situation, and this may include follow-up visits by the Newport & Wildman counsellor if needed. Onsite Support can be arranged quickly and efficiently by managers with a simple phone call.

Onsite Counselling

An arrangement can be made for a counsellor to visit the workplace and provide face to face counselling, to employees, on a regular ongoing basis.This separate service can be integrated into a Wellbeing Program to provide the most suitable access to support for a particular workforce.


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